Friday, 1 January 2016

Our progress_January 2016

In the last few months EuroPeersUK has been growing due to Andrew’s and Nikola´s passion, the commitment of young people he met on the way, and the support of the rest of Momentum World staff and friends.

Andrew is the project director, responsible for policy, overall management, and stakeholder relationships. Trevor takes care of the financial management and control. Nikola coordinates the youth steering group and its activities. She also provides general administrative support for the project, working closely with Sarah.
Other members develop video and web content, and Paul as creative director approves them all.

The steering group, which includes enthusiastic young people who participated in various EU initiatives, is responsible for recruiting and communicating with members, social media promotion, and interface with other youth / student networks including German / other EuroPeers. Steering group members also play an important role in presentations and promotional events organised by Momentum. We met twice already, to review the progresses and ideate the next moves. We also had the chance to include members who have participated in the EuroPeers trainings in other countries, and this gave us great insights together with renewed passion toward the common goals: to create an effective network of young people who will spread the word about European possibilities; to inspire youth toward a multicultural approach to life.

The process now will consist of:
 1.Building a coalition of support including young people, National Agency, EVS / Youth in   Action organisations, youth workers & trainers, MPs / MEPs, others
 2.Preparing inception activity (e.g. short information or training meeting in UK, to involve EuroPeers from Germany / others) which could be a Youth Initiative or Erasmus+ KA1 training project.
  3.Launching EuroPeers as a pilot programme with a core group of young people, with activities taking place during the year (focus on European Youth Week and Eurodesk “Time to Move” week in 2016)
   4. Expanding the EuroPeers UK network to National level

The way to go is still a long one but little by little we are becoming stronger.
You will soon hear more from us!


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