Friday, 13 May 2016

Day 1 of the EuroPeers 2nd annual network meeting

Hello from Poland!

Three members of EuroPeers UK arrived yesterday to beautiful Konstancin, not far from the Polish capital Warsaw. This place is famous for its fresh healing air and we are surrounded by the rustles of greenery and birds chirping away in the background - a perfect place for our EuroPeers second annual network meeting!

After a long and tiring day of travel for all of us, we enjoyed some Polish food and started getting to know the other participants through a creative evening of many different activities including games, collage and music! 

We started the first working day of the meeting off with a few energisers to get us going! This was followed by introductions from our Polish hosts, receiving our wonderful welcome packs and getting to know a bit more about the background and time line of the EuroPeers story so

We then split into smaller groups and started our 'EuroPeers Paths' activity where we discussed each other's experiences and involvement with EuroPeers and Erasmus+. We talked about our visions for the future of the network on personal, national and international levels.

In the afternoon we played a very interactive Erasmus+ game to learn more about the kind of activities that we could plan as EuroPeers and the tools that we could use! We reflected on the day with our travel mates - each of us had been matched up with two other EuroPeers who would be our companions for the duration of the meeting.

Tomorrow we look forward to lots more innovative workshops and inspiring discussions on the second day of our EuroPeers meeting!


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