Monday, 4 April 2016

Becoming a real EuroPeer!!

Our morning began with creating paper petals. We wrote what we wanted to share about our Erasmus+ experiences with others. We worked in groups and wrote in a circular piece what we all had in common to share. We eventually connected the petals into flowers.

After the flowers were created, we were told about the 3 different group projects, which we were about to organise. One group went into a local fashion school to give a talk about Erasmus+ and personal experiences to 17-18 year old students.

Second group went onto the streets to talk about Erasmus+.

The last group was working on an online campaign. 

All three of us chose the online campaign and have set up a Facebook designed to be an easy, friendly and personable platform for people to request information and get help to be lead towards Erasmus+ projects to try and fight the fear of going abroad. 

We have set the page up and created some branding and the first posts so far. The link for that is


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