Monday, 4 April 2016

How Erasmus+ influenced Vicky´s life

                                          Hi, I am Vicky and this is a story about my EuroPeer journey.

2016 has been a surprising experience for me, I've managed to reach over 4 different countries around Europe through the Erasmus exchange. 

What can I say!!

I can say the economy is certainly different to London. I can ensure that being a part of the Erasmus+ scheme has definitely given me the chance to know myself better, I've met some amazing people, I even had the chance to see the cities I reside in. Erasmus is an unforgettable experience which no-one will ever take away from you as an individual. 

There will be times 
when you just want to be by yourself when engaging to the programme but that's okay. I call it the moment of 'abliss'. That moment is simply mindfulness, it allows you to look at your life at a stand still and grasp where you truly want to be before you return home.

'Erasmus exchange is the moment for change', being in Vienna with the UK peers showed me that we all have dreams and by sticking together they will unfold a lot faster.

Life is a stepping stone and through Erasmus I now can work and focus on my weak points in life is that the whole point of exploring find out where it works and where it doesn't. You can never take away the experience of learning. There is always going to be a moment for enhancing this ability.

I truly am thankful for have been given the chance to know what Erasmus means and for being a part of it. I put the whole thing down to one word 'fundamental'.


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