Friday, 12 February 2016

Hameed' s experience

Hi, I am Hameed and this is a story about my EuroPeer journey.

What encouraged me to become a EuroPeer?

I have attended a few training courses and youth exchanges in different countries and now I had to feel isolated in the UK because there was no space to share ideas, experience and network with local participants who had attended Erasmus Plus events. 

My first Erasmus+ experience

I met a ex colleague who worked in youth work in a meeting and he informed me about Erasmus plus. I was still confused what the project involved. Then after 2 weeks he sent me information about a training course in Budapest. They were looking for last minute UK participant and he would be grateful if I can attend. I finally agreed and had no idea about where Hungary is, how I am going to get to Budapest. I ended up going to Budapest and had a great time, made new friends and learned new things. 


Of course I had doubts before leaving to my first project. Will it be safe, why is it free, will I be liked by other people and finally travel arrangements how will I organised everything?!

What next?

I would like to attend more training courses, help as youth leader and take young people with me on youth exchanges, volunteer with local NGO in UK and last but not least help as volunteer with Erasmus plus youth exchanges and training courses! 


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