Thursday, 11 February 2016

Workshops day!

On Wednesday of the training course we split into three working groups that would be focusing on different topics throughout the day. These were - workshop and presentation tools, action in Dilbeek and digital ambassadorThe action in Dilbeek group was working especially hard all day as they would be planning and then presenting a EuroPeer event at a local youth centre in Dilbeek on the same evening!  

As a member of the workshop and presentation tools group I gained loads of information about different techniques I could use when planning and delivering a presentation or workshop. We even started to structure some concrete plans for events that we could organise once we returned to our home countries! It was really helpful to have each other's support on this task, sharing ideas and providing each other with encouragement and feedback.

Action in Dilbeek 

The action in Dilbeek group planned a session to present information about Erasmus+ at the local youth club. They came up with some really innovative methods including the idea of creating a 'living library' made up of some of our EuroPeer participants.

Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of attendance at the event, but we all got to see what a Belgium youth club is like whilst enjoying a nice evening of table football, interesting conversations and a few Belgian beers!


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