Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Monday, Monday, Monday a.k.a What did we do?

Well, the programme began with getting to know each other a bit, breaking the ice through taking several attempts to learn each other's names in a variety of very amusing games. 

We moved onto some team building exercises to challenge ourselves, test our team work and create initial bonds within our diverse group of EuroPeers. It was then time to start thinking about what EuroPeers is all about and why we had come together for this training session. We looked at our main objectives for the week, went through the schedule and put forward our expectations.

We discussed our expectations in small groups and then put forward the ones which we considered particularly important. These were to gain knowledge about different networks and contacts that we could use in order to disseminate the information that we would learn this week amongst our peers. 

Also we wanted to know how best to stay in touch with the network once this week was over in order to maintain our work and support each other in being successful EuroPeers once we returned to our home countries.


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