Friday, 12 February 2016

Opportunities beyond Erasmus+

Our EuroPeers training course is slowly coming to the end. There is only one day left and it will be very exciting day! I am not gonna tell you what will happen. You will have to wait for another blog post :)

Thursday was all about reflecting Wednesday’ s activities and evaluating them with others. All three groups presented their outcomes. One group explained to us basic steps how to organise our own event/ presentation/ workshop. Second group told us the outcome of their organised event: what they planned, what they managed to organise and how they dealt with unexpected problems. Third group presented their videos and pictures using free apps. Everything looked very professional even though they had very limited time to work on them- only one hour and a half.

Later on, we had a chance to get information about youth programmes existing out of Erasmus+. People were sharing their knowledge and personal experience from international projects. There are so many opportunities for everybody whatever their age, race, gender. Have you ever heard of The European youth foundation of the Council of Europe, WWOOF or AIESEC? If not, check them out, they offer perfect youth opportunities.

We finished our day by farewell party. We were singing karaoke and doing some challenges. It is unbelievable how this week flew by. We have only one day left, but I am sure it will be as exciting as other days! 


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