Monday, 8 February 2016

On the road to Brussels!

That time has come. EuroPeers UK go to Europe as well! Three of us (Phoebe, Nikola and Hammed) have been sent by Momentum World CIC, EuroPeers UK establishing organisation, to Brussels!

Our first international Europeers training course is taking place from 8th until 12th February 2016. Members of national Europeers networks from Serbia, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Norway and England are meeting in a beautiful area called Dilbeek.

Personally, I have never been to Brussels neither taken part in EuroPeers training course. Therefore I am full of great expectations! I feel this week will be super productive, fun and totally new experience.

Big thank you goes to Belgian National Agency Jint, without which EuroPeersUK would not be able to participate in this project. We appreciate their help very much.


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