Thursday, 11 February 2016

Phoebe' s experience

Hi, I am Phoebe and this is a story about my EuroPeer journey.

What encouraged me to become a EuroPeer?

After I graduated in 2013 I was looking for new experiences that would help me to continue to learn and discover whilst also developing my CV. My first European experience was when I moved abroad to teach English in Spain for five months at an informal language camp. This wasn't as part of an Erasmus+ programme but it was my first step into working and living in a new country with a different culture.

Totally inspired after this life changing time I went on to try out living and working in lots of different countries. I found a six month EVS placement in France working as part of a European NGO which led me to find out about a whole new world of Erasmus+ and find many new opportunities including taking part in European training courses and a youth forum at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg. 


It can be very daunting moving abroad for the first time. My main doubts were being far away from home, my friends and my family. What if I didn't like it? What if I wanted to go home? It's not so easy to just go home for the weekend when you're living that far away! 

I also had some doubts about how leaving my country to go abroad would be helpful to me in my future career. Would it be more sensible to stay home and try to find an office job? However, I overcame my doubts and chose to take the adventure!

I'm so happy I made that choice as so many unexpected and wonderful things has come from it, you really never know what is around the corner when you take a chance like participating in an Erasmus+ programme and one thing always seems to lead to another!

What next?

I'm now living back in the UK but continue to be involved with Erasmus+ by volunteering as part of EuroPeers UK. 

Taking part in this EuroPeers training course in Brussels has been a step forward in getting to know more about the wider network and increasing my involvement in the project. I will be helping to promote Erasmus+ projects in the UK by sharing my experiences with my peers and inspiring them to take advantage of the great opportunities that exist.

Hopefully I'll also find some time to fit in some more travel as it's such a great way to stay inspired and learn new and exciting things! 

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  1. Great post Phoebe. There are so many young people out there around the UK whose lives have been changed by taking part in EVS and other European projects, and even more who need these opportunities in future. Connecting and inspiring them is what EuroPeers UK is all about.