Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What is for me in Erasmus+ ?

We started Tuesday by defining what EuroPeers are about. We found out that EuroPeers is about learning, sharing experience with others and developing good practice for projects and initiatives.

All participants had an opportunity to learn about skills they have and skills they would like to learn and develop over the next few days!

Participants have an opportunity to learn about Erasmus +  in the second half of the day. Kartin and Yannick, Jint National Staff, have given us an overview of Jint National Agency and explained to us all necessary information about Erasmus+. We also got information materials.

The last but not the least, we also received our Learning Diaries for reflecting what we learnt during the day. Hopefully it will be full at the end of the week! 


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  1. Fantastic to have all three of you over there and thanks for the blog posts. You are the true pioneers for EuroPeers UK and I'm sure we will look back on this as the start of something big.